Choose the Best Painters for a Job Done Right

Your house needs new paint but you are not sure how to choose the right painters in Brisbane. It can be confusing if you don’t know how to evaluate a company. Here are some things you can do to help make sure you are hiring the best.

Get Recommendations from People You Know and Trust

Chances are good that someone in your family or one of your friends has had their house professionally painted in the last few years. Ask them who they used and what their experience was. Of course, you will want to use these recommendations as a starting point rather than just hire based on any of them.

Get References

When you contact painting companies in Brisbane you are considering, ask them to give you a list of people who have used them in the last few years. Call at least a few of them and ask them about their experience with the company. Be sure you ask about any problems they may have had or things they might have wanted done a little differently.

Get a Written Estimate

When you have narrowed down the companies you think may be worth going further with, call them for an estimate. You might get a quote over the phone based in the size of your house but consider that just a rough estimate. Ask if they can send someone out to give a more defined estimate after evaluating the job. Ask for a written estimate, detailing exactly what is to be done in each step, such as surface preparation. While the person giving the estimate is there, ask about any terms used on the estimate that you don’t understand.

It is during the process of getting the estimate that the type of paint to be used should be discussed. The person from the painting company should be able to determine what type of paint would be best to use for your house and explain why.

Read the Contract Carefully

Once you choose the one you think has the best house painters Brisbane has, you will be ready to go over the contract that will cover every aspect of the job. This is when the base paint, grade, colour and the number of coats will be discussed and finalised. You will want the name of the manufacturer of the paint to be included in the contract. Also make sure the job is estimated to be completed.

Be sure the contract stipulates how surfaces not to be painted, such as windows will be protected. You don’t want to have paint splattered on windows that will have to be cleaned later. As for cleanup, since painting is a messy job, make sure the contract includes cleaning up the mess after the painting is done.

Paying for the Paint Job

One thing many people are unsure of is how to pay for the job. Do you pay the full amount up front or when the job is done? The best way is to pay about ten percent at the time the contract is signed, a third halfway through the job and the balance when the job is finished, including the cleanup. Other options that split the payment so you aren’t paying it all at once will also work. If a company insists on full payment up front, it might be best to find another company.

If you are careful and thorough in your search for the best painters, you will be happy with the results and might have a company that you wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

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